Anne Boleyn 1533

Today, despite being more accessible than ever before, knowledge of history is largely ignored, often oversimplified and distorted as a consequence. We believe this is a perilous path for a culture to go down, like travelling with blinders, since awareness of the present is deeply impoverished without first being placed in meaningful context. Conversely, we believe that gaining an appreciation for the past has a profound impact, like a tranformative epiphany, since awareness of history infuses the present with elevated meaning and understanding.

At Exoteric, we scout out away from the beaten path, to the periphery of cultural awareness, in order to reclaim important episodes of the human story. We believe it is important that knowledge of the human past ought not be so distant from minds of the masses. We believe that history ought not be so relegated to the abstractions in classrooms and on bookshelves. We believe that the past ought to be brought back into our lives and worn on our sleeves. We ought not wrap ourselves merely in the moment, but dress ourselves in context as well. Put simply, we believe that the human story ought not be so esoteric, but that it ought to be EXOTERIC, and that even tee-shirts can be meaningful in the end. Please join us.