The study of history is not simply the study of cold, disconnected books on a shelf. Rather, it is quite literally the study of the current world around us. Once this insight is attained, an understanding of the past begins to feel as necessary as the senses for navigating through the world, and it begins to feel as transformative as waking up with a new pair of eyes. Living in the moment may be a modern philosophical virtue, but any given moment is impoverished without an awareness of the context in which it sits, and each given moment is profoundly enriched when a greater context is supplied.

Today, despite being more accessible than ever before, knowledge of the past is increasingly ignored. At Exoteric, we scout out to the periphery of cultural awareness to reclaim important episodes of the human story. On a profound level, knowledge of the human past ought not be so neglected by the masses. The human story ought not be so esoteric, it ought rather to be EXOTERIC, even if we are just talking about tee shirts.